Bishop David Azenabor    

This is Bishop David; I want to personally welcome you to Prevailing Prayers Radio Program.

This radio program is designed for praying for the need of people, offering hope and solutions through prayers.

My intent is to establish a 24/7 prayer ministry and prayer-line, where people can access 24/7.

I also want to establish a Prayer Network of men and women of prayers who can pray. When people, we can change situations.

To join the Prayer Network, please go to the Prayer Network page and sign on.

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About Bishop David

Bishop Azenabor is actively involved in the work of Evangelism by planting...read more

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A Radio program designed to offering hope, solutions and answers to people’s problem through PRAYERS... read more

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Prayer Request

Submit your prayer requests to Bishop Azenabor and experience God's love through answered prayers...request...

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Each month I ask the Lord to provide people that will give into our ministry for us to reach our world with the gospel and to offer hope to people....read more